Lez Be Honest is a podcast + “how-to” manual for life as a lesbian. Hosted by a self-described gold-star lesbian (Maggie) and another who is just coming out in her 30s (Maria), Lez Be Honest explores issues like: lesbian history, current events, and “what it means to be a lesbian.”

At both times funny and insightful, Lez Be Honest tackles tough, silly, and sexy issues. It documents the life of real lesbians, in real time.






Maria is one-half of Lez Be Honest. She lives and works as a video producer in Minneapolis and is obsessed with the Welsh language, improv comedy, Magic: the Gathering, and fries. Oh, and the Muppets.





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Maggie K. Sotos is the other half of Lez Be Honest.  She works as a college admission counselor by day and an improviser/ producer/ director/ playwright the rest of the time. Maggie loves biking, camping, reading, cooking, and stopping to say hello to every dog she sees. She lives in Minneapolis with her lovely wife Marissa.