Lez Be Honest Episode 4: Late to the Party

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maria + Maggie talk about coming out later in life. What does it mean to come to terms with your sexuality in your 30s as opposed to your teens or 20s? What is it like to come out after the passage of marriage equality vs. before? Maggie also schools Maria in the differences between the terms “lesbian,” “queer,” and “gay,” Maria fails Maggie’s last challenge (uh oh!), and we all learn a little something about a super badass Queen of Sweden.

One thought to “Lez Be Honest Episode 4: Late to the Party”

  1. Love listening to your hilariousness. (taco blocko?? thats funny sh*t) I am a late lezbloom too Maria and can’t stop listening to your Q&A banter. I already think of you two as my earbud besties (insert aaah here) just 4 episodes in. I am starting Rainbow Woman’s Book Club in Mpls area and wonder if you would recommend some LGBT lit/authors/vailed content works to showcase or add to the list of reads. You mentioned some plays turned whitewashed films on this episode but want more! Looking forward to my Haiku!

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