Lez Be Honest Episode 10: Family Ties

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maggie’s family stops by the podcast studio! Hear funny and touching stories from Maggie’s past as her parents and sister talk about what it was like when Maggie came out (and how they already knew she was gay!) We’ll also hear an excerpt from Maria’s diary involving condoms, the Challenge of the Week is issued by Maggie’s parents (gasp!), and we learn how to deal with straight-girl-crushes.

Family Party!

Lez Be Honest Episode 9: Safe Spaces

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maria and Maggie podcast live from a local bar (The Urban Growler in St. Paul, MN)! They’re joined by Allison Witham (@allison_witham) and health teacher Jenn to talk lesbian bars, lesbian-friendly dating and relationship apps, and how kids are learning about sex + sexuality in 2016. Maria also surprises Maggie with a…unique…gift she was given by a friend, Alison lets Maria test drive a sexy app, and Maggie reads a very touching letter she once wrote to a friend who was repressing his sexual orientation. This episode is filled with laughs and tears.

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Lez Be Honest Episode 8: Flirting with Disaster

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maggie teaches Maria how to flirt! You’ll also learn exciting new details from Maria’s Diary. She’s now a 100% bonafide lesbian stereotype! Hooray! We also answer questions from our FEmail bag, review Maria’s challenges so far, and Maggie gives us a very moving HERstory lesson that you’ll want to look into more.

Lez Be Honest Episode 7: Lez is the Warmest Color

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maria and Maggie bring you their Holiday Special! The ladies dip into the (fe)mailbag and answer some listener questions, give a review of Blue is the Warmest Color, and have a rousing game of “Who Dat Lesbo?” You’ll also learn some spicy new slang, hear a heartbreaking story of a closeted friend, and find out what popular movie Maggie is *shocked* Maria has never seen.

Lez Be Honest Episode 6: All in the Family

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maria tells Maggie all about meeting her girlfriend’s family for the first time. Was she scared? Was it different than meeting a boyfriend’s family? How did she react to Maggie’s challenge of showing some serious PDA while visiting? Find out! Maria also asks about tips for presenting as gay while femme, Maggie gives us a great HERstory about Saint Lucia, and butt stuff. Yep, you read that right.

Lez Be Honest Episode 5: The Butch, The Baker, The Candlestick-maker

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maggie + Maria welcome special guest Allison Witham (@allison_witham) to talk lesbian-themed reading! Alison has some spectacular recommendations of butch books to get lost in. We’ll also get an update on Maria’s life (uh oh, she’s started binge watching ‘The L Word”!), Maggie hosts a mini game show, and Maria has a Brokeback Breakthrough. PLUS: what do the terms “butch” and “femme” really mean anyway?

Alison’s Butch Reading List

  • The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall
  • Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf
  • Zami: a New Spelling of My Name by Audre Lorde
  • Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg

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Lez Be Honest Episode 4: Late to the Party

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maria + Maggie talk about coming out later in life. What does it mean to come to terms with your sexuality in your 30s as opposed to your teens or 20s? What is it like to come out after the passage of marriage equality vs. before? Maggie also schools Maria in the differences between the terms “lesbian,” “queer,” and “gay,” Maria fails Maggie’s last challenge (uh oh!), and we all learn a little something about a super badass Queen of Sweden.

Lez Be Honest Episode 3: Christianity & Queer Theology

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maria + Maggie welcome special guest Emmy Kegler to talk Christianity and queer + feminist theology. (She has a Masters in Divinity, so she’s the real deal!) What does it mean to be gay and Christian? What exactly does the Bible say about being gay…and, more importantly: why? Maria gives us updates from her life (including an embarrassing coming-out-at-work story), reveals her celebrity crush, and Maggie gives her a shiny new challenge.

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Follow Emmy on twitter here: https://twitter.com/emmykegler

Check out her website, Queer Grace: http://queergrace.com/

Lez Be Honest Episode 2: Lez Get Physical

On this episode of Lez Be Honest, Maria + Maggie talk lesbian sex. As Jerry Seinfeld would say, “what’s the deal?!” Maria tells the story of her first time being with a lady “in that way” (wink, wink), Maggie talks about common lesbian sex misconceptions, we get an interesting Lesbian History Moment, and Maria updates us on how her first Maggie-issued-lesbian challenge went!

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Lez Be Honest Episode 1: Just Starting Out

Welcome to the first-ever episode of Lez Be Honest – a podcast for lesbians just starting out! Join our hosts Maria + Maggie as they navigate the (sometimes tricky) waters of lesbian life. In this premiere episode, Maria and Maggie share their coming out stories, we learn some lesbian history from Maggie (Sappho, anyone?!), Maria gets a primer in lesbian slang — and Maria is issued a new-lesbian-challenge from Maggie.

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